Trip 3

10/03/2020 @ All Day –

Conquer the fear of big cities, walk the Brooklyn Bridge.


10/03/2020 All Day



Conquer the fear of big cities, walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Cost is
$75 deposit per person for Members
$95 deposit per person for Non-Members
for the round trip bus ticket. Space is limited.

In support of anyone who has been wanting to travel to NYC, but has kept putting off due to fear. Fear of the crowds, fear of getting on the wrong subway car and/or fear of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. This trip is for you!

We will spend the day doing the uncomfortable to experience the unknown.

All are welcome. Yes, even those who are not facing a fear, but want to enjoy NYC for the day.

Must Do Goals:
1) Ride the NYC subway system
2) Lunch at Amy Ruth’s in Harlem
3) Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Transportation: Vamoose Bus; 7am from Bethesda location, Standard bus ticket

Itinerary for the Day:
Upon arrival, catch the subway to Harlem for lunch at Amy Ruth’s.
After lunch, we will proceed to the Brooklyn Bridge.
If time permits, we will ride the ferry to Staten Island in search of the best pizza slice!

There will be plenty of walking, please wear a comfortable walking shoe.

Consider purchasing a portable charger for your cell phone. While you can charge your phone on the bus, prepare for when not near an electrical socket. A portable charger costs about $25.

Budget a minimum of $100 to spend for the day on food, subway fares ($20), a couple of souvenirs from the street.

Enjoy a day in NYC!
Enjoy a day in NYC!


Bookings are closed for this event.